18th International research and practice conference
«Hardening, coating and repair technologies:
Theory and Practice»

 St. Petersburg, 14-15 April 2016

The educational seminar «Hardening of machine, mechanism and equipment components in various branches of industry»

deals with the processes of hardening,

coating, surface modification.

       The next educational seminar will take place within the framework of 14th International research and practice conference «Hardening, coating and repair technologies: theory and practice» 17th – 20th of April 2012 in St. Petersburg.

        The main purpose of the seminar is to familiarise the listeners with modern hardening techniques used all over the world to increase the durability of various equipment prone to wear or corrosion.

   Плазменная закалка   Упрочнение штемпеля   Электроискровое легирование   Финишное плазменное упрочнение

        Hardening of your components using final plasma hardening, ion-plasma sputtering, spark alloying, laser hardening and other techniques is possible during the seminar.

 Specialists from the departments of design manager, manufacturing manager and other enterprise departments responsible for the making of competitive, reliable and durable components are invited to participate in the educational seminar.

Techniques and equipment for increasing the durability of components manifold by the application of wear-resistant coatings and the alteration of surface properties will be demonstrated during the seminar. You will have an opportunity to evaluate the economic expediency of using these techniques in your production.

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